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Humans of this earth

Right exists when everyone respects it. Earth does not belong to states or other institutions. It belongs to each individual human being and to humanity together. People's knowledge has been stolen and replaced with faith. This is how the present world of the elites came into being. Acquire knowledge, take responsibility and their power is finished.

The participants and councils of the Constituent Assembly of Germany have long recognized the need and the real problems of mankind. We know from people in other nations that the backgrounds and real connections have also been recognized in their areas. They are just like us a minority, trapped between and by the completely hypnotized mass which follows the system unconditionally and without demand. The majority of humanity on this earth lives in a legal system and thus in an artificially created matrix of the few elites. The pretended and alleged rights of human beings are only a part of an even bigger staging we call the "world".

The reality is the theft of all human rights by the operators of this artificial and legal matrix, who have declared the rights of individuals to be their own rights. Therefore, the Constituent Assembly of Germany occupies and claims these "overpositive" legal relationships, which are superior to any legal right, in order to make them available to all currently living people, as well as to future generations. We call upon all mankind to claim their high rights and to use them in their respective countries. To this end, the following Decree No. 29 has been adopted.

We are the people of the Constituent Assembly Germany. A part of all mankind and at the moment the guardians of all rights to life and prosperity of every single human being in his nation. We place humanity in the highest of all rights, in the overpositive rights, which are already your rights through the origin in the womb. No one can give you these rights and no one can take them away from you. We are here and awaiting you.

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The current rulers of this legal world have been working for some time on a world constitution in order to infiltrate the individual constitutions and/or comparable regulations for their administrative areas, which they call "constitutions" for "states" under deception in international legal relations, and to permanently abolish their effect. In doing so, they make use of the legal system which includes the enslavement of human beings according to canonical and other rights with comparable effect. A "constitution" is only a "constitution" if it was directly determined by the people of the individual nation in free choice. All other writings or regulations of the parliaments are inadmissible regulations and violate the highest overpositive rights, which only the respective owner of these rights, the individual person, can and may use. Not any existing constitution in the world can guarantee this.

It is therefore necessary for the rights to be taken over by the de jure and de facto sole right holders of all nations before the New World Order superimposes these rights and prevents their further application. The Constituent and Legislative Assembly Germany secures the rights of its own people, as well as of all hitherto completely ignorant people of the other nations, in order to return these rights later to the legitimate holders of the rights, within the framework of a respective and own Constituent Assembly of the individual nations. The rights which are to be described even more closely and which are to be granted to each individual human being and which have hitherto been concealed from the majority of mankind and thus unknown, are not taken into account in any of the so-called existing constitutions of the nations and thus the liberation from the enslavement of mankind is fundamentally prevented or excluded. Until the return of the rights to the people of the individual nations, all people who live within or outside their home nations at the time of the enactment of this decree shall be subject to the core constitution set forth in § 3, the contents of which, after the international discussions with the people, reflect their most important and concurring ideas.



World constitution



The spiritual, animate, living, not deceased or lost beings, endowed with all rights of creation since their origin in the mother's womb, who call themselves humanity,

- are the sole legal rights bearers, as well as the rights bearers of the natural evolution of creation in all areas of their respective homelands, which for thousands of years have settled and inhabited these, their land areas, as well as the entire earth,

- united in the Assembly of the World Constitution and as the sole right bearers of their peoples, have themselves established the now valid constitution of the People,

- in their endeavour to assume their own responsibility to strengthen freedom, humanity, independence, and peace openly towards and together with all people on earth,

- to live their diversity in a spirit of mutual consideration and respect, in awareness of common achievements and commitment to past and future generations,

- with the knowledge that only those are free who keep their freedom and who measure the strength of the people, like all men of this earth, always by the well-being of each individual, which satisfaction and love everyone will experience and find,

- with the experience of generations, that never a legal right can stand over the born being, not subjugate it, not limit it, influence it in its actions and thinking,

- entrusted with the preservation of creation against every other kind of religion and fanaticism, even though in the knowledge of the significance of a spiritual fulfillment of meaning for the cohabitation of thinking and feeling beings

- in a deep effort to protect and preserve their habitat, the entire earth, its right to its own existence and life in every way and for all living beings that it brings forth,

have proclaimed this Constitution of Principles as their common agreement among and inbetween themselves, by their supreme human oath, proclaiming it and bringing it into binding and effective standing above all other rights and legal systems.




The legal form has been determined according to the rules of the current legal world as a confederation, a so-called confederation of individual nations.

The respective peoples and tribes, as well as their state structures, which they form according to their own rules, remain sovereign states, thus member states within the Constituent and Legislative World Assembly, who together plan the future in the Constituent Assembly Germany.

The people of the sovereign individual states confirm the principles of the common constitution and also undertake, not to enact any agreements in their own territories, which are likely to contradict this constitution of principles, to abolish components, to circumvent them, or to change their effect.

They give powers to the confederation and to the representatives of the confederation, which they mutually agree upon and who will serve for the good of all people.

The confederation is the representative of all individual peoples and states to preserve their agreements and decisions for the benefit of all people and to ensure their observance.

The Confederation is the representative of all peoples and states to preserve their agreements and decisions for the benefit of all people to monitor their observance.


It is hereby established for all times:


- This regulation applies to a confederation which has no own people, no own territory, and no own right to exercise violence.

- Legal power shall remain without any restriction by the peoples of the individual nations and territories of the Confederation.

- The legal mask of the person, bourgeois death in whatever form, does not take place in this confederation.

- The unification consists of sovereign peoples, states and free people who are committed to it.

- The application of canonical law, or law which is equally enslaving in its effect, is prohibited in all territories and against every individual human being.

- Amendments to the Constitution and to this Agreement shall be possible only to the extent that they serve all persons.


Scope of application


The scope of the Constitution and these agreements are as follows

- in any sovereign State who is a member of this Confederation and who has declared the Constitution on its territory binding and valid and has made it legally effective

- and/or any nation and any people of those nations who do not object to this Constitution,

- as well for every single person who joins the protection of the regulation and thus of the constitution and the agreements by his declaration.




The people of the Federal State of Germany, on behalf of each individual, sovereign and free person belonging to the Federal State of Germany and/or the aforementioned Confederation, hereby declare to recognize the Agreements and the Constitution, to support, preserve and defend the values and the common mission. The Constitution and the agreements which belong to this Constitution itself and to the agreements to the Constitution are hereby made valid for this legal world.


This Decree No. 29 and thus Law No. 25, has been enacted today on the 26th of September 2019, 10.10 p.m. European Summer Time, by the Plenary Assembly of the Constituent and Legislative Assembly.



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