Dear Humans of our common earth

The monetary system of the world is under "The world´s financial System is the slave System für all humans" precisely described. A video shows the effects. Together we must end this unjust and brutal world. First of all we have to recreate the monetary system. Our friends all over the world know this problem just as well.

The task seems difficult, but is quite simple.
But if we really want to end this monetary system, then we should realize completely new ideas. We must abandon the idea that money has its own value. We have to realise that money is only a means of speculation for very few people on the planet. We have to realise that value is something completely different and that money is only a tool for trade, but does not perform. Performance and new innovations always have only human beings.

We need an aid for the actual values, but their own value only facilitates the trade with the values. But if it is so, then everyone can own as much of the "tool" as he wants.

This is the background for "Neo", the new payment system for all human beings.

If you want to live, make something of it.

Your Jason B. Manson

This text is followed by the "notes" that anyone can print out.

There is no registration and no control.

Don't argue, because there's enough for everyone.

Take as much as you want, because it has no value.

If a bread costs 1000 dollars, who cares about it ?

All Humans can participate.

There is no restriction.

Create values and use "Neo" to simplify your daily "business".

You are the creators of all values.

Here - at the bottom - is a detailed description of the current financial world.



From the point of view of the 1 % against the 99 %

If you read this article carefully and more than once, you will recognize many of the changes we have already experienced. Although there is no hard evidence that they are backed by a small group of people, a 'shadow government', the Deep State, this becomes evident if you take the time to follow the matter...what is described is what is happening at the moment. If the 99% recognize what 1% is planning, then the time has come that is called a turn, because then 99% will be the winner against 1%. ddbNews R.


The NWO is not a conspiracy theory but a conspiracy

The source is unknown. The (more far-reaching) American guarantor S. assumes that she comes from leading circles of the much quoted "New World Order", the "One World Order" (which George Bush sen. first mentioned in public speeches about 5 times at the end of his term of office). This is confirmed by the content and is clearly addressed to the US-Americans. But it affects the rest of the world population no less.



It is probably time to explain to you some of the issues that have confused you in recent decades. It is good for you to understand some of these things so that you may know how best to behave in the New Order that is now taking shape on earth. We want you to be able to fully embrace and integrate into our new society, and to do so would be in your best interest. First of all, in order to cooperate more fully, it would be good for you to understand some of our goals. I cannot imagine the hard times yours await when you resist us. We have ways to deal with opponents. I tell you, it is far too late to turn things around. The days to stop us are long gone.


We have full control over the earth, its finances and the media.

There is no nation and no power nor any possibility left for us to prevail. We have eyes in every country of the world, at every level of government. We know what is being planned because our ears and eyes are always present. State secrets are completely familiar to us. China recently accused the US media of lying about Kosovo. Oh, you stupid people, of course we are lying. That is how we keep people in insecurity. It is good for us that they are constantly tangled up in controversy.

Didn't you see the talk show spectacle (the Lewinksi affair)? Some of you think we are the liberals. But the good guys are the conservatives. In reality, both serve our goals. Each camp serves only under the sign of our consent. Of course, they are not allowed to expose the real facts. By stirring up controversy at all levels, nobody knows what to do. In this way, in the midst of all the confusion, we move forward and accomplish what we want without delay.

Just look at the presidents of the United States (e.g. Bill Clinton). Although he regularly loses every known showdown, no one can stop him. He goes on and does whatever we ask of him. Congress has no power to stop him. He does our will because he knows we'll let him fall from one moment to the next because of his character weakness. Isn't that an excellent strategy on our side?
You cannot bring us to justice because you cannot see us and the courts are also at our service.

We'll fix everything. So you never know who to attack. In my opinion, this invisible hand is wonderfully furnished and in its perfection without historical predecessors.


We rule the world, and the world cannot even find out who rules it.

That's truly wonderful. In our media we present you exactly what we want you to do. Our little slaves obey in a flash. We can send American and European troops wherever and whenever and for whatever purpose we like, and you eagerly do our business. What more evidence do you need? We let you leave your homes and families and go to war at our command alone. All we need to do is to serve you up some nonsense from the president's desk or on the evening news, and we've already made you all enthusiastic about doing what we want you to do. You can't do anything but what we're putting in front of you.



When one of you tries to resist us, we have ways to make him look ridiculous, as we have often done. We have used amused movements to show the world how powerless any resistance is. The people walking around with guns look so stupid. You should rise up against our military? We generously taxed you and used the money to make weapons so sophisticated that you couldn't take it in any way. Your own money has served to forge the chains with which we shackle you.


After all, we control all money.

Some think you can escape by buying a piece of land and planting your garden. Let me remind you that you will still pay us the base rate. You can call it property tax, but it always goes to us. Whatever you want to do, you need money. If you fail to pay us the base rate, we take your land and sell it to someone who pays it to us. Do you think we can't? With the basic interest we pay the indoctrination of your children in the public schools we run. We want them to be practised well in our thinking system. Your children will learn what we want them to learn and what you pay with your basic interest. Those funds will also be used for other of our projects. After all, our service providers are well paid for their work.


You may doubt that your children belong to us or that we have such control over them.

But you will find out. We can explain that you mistreat your children if you give them a slap. And already we have confiscated them. If you do not submit to school indoctrination, we can accuse you of neglecting your children and take them over. Your children do not belong to you. They belong to us. You must vaccinate them, if we decide to bring them to our hospitals. Or we take them from you. You know that, and we know it.

Through our electronic commerce we can see where you are, what you are buying and how much money you have to buy. How do you think we get our monthly financial statistics? Through the Internet and other means we can even know how you think and what you say. It doesn't matter what you think as long as you do what we say.

Your beliefs (in the sense of conviction) are nonsense in any case.

But if you think you have a following, and we become aware that you could somehow become dangerous to our plans, we have means to deal with you. We have a Pandora Box of rigors ready for you. We can take you to court until you can't get out. Under one pretext or another, we can easily take all your possessions away from you. We have an inexhaustible fund to pay our lawyers. It will be filled by your taxes. You do not have this large supply of money. We know how to share, how to conquer. Have we not used our means to bring down the rulers of entire countries? Do you think your tiny size would be a problem for us?



Let us also consider your religions and the so-called "moral majority".
We enjoyed using this wet noodle from a movement to ridicule the whole Christian faith.

These stupid people who run the organization always end up with dripping eggs on their faces. We have always put them into a
Defensive posture. We can make it look like, through the propaganda of our media, that your organizations are in reality the New Radical Attackers. If it serves our goals, we can easily use Party A to put Party B on its head. This makes no difference to us, but makes you believe that there are two sides fighting for their special positions. This helps to make things look fair and free, because everyone has a vote.


In reality today there is only one side with all kinds of masks on it. But you are incapable of penetrating our goals.

You see, we can do what we want. And you can't do anything about it.


Isn't it reasonable that you just obey us and serve us? Otherwise you will simply be eaten up in your resistance, which you think will set you free. You cannot be freed. Imagine how that should work. We deliver your fuel for your cars. We can block it whenever we want, stating that there is a shortage of resources. What if your car has damage? You can't get spare parts without us. We hold all the money you use. At our discretion, we can stop the money flight or organize a complete crash. We can then order the President to declare the money worthless and get new money. All your mountains of cash will have gone up in smoke in an instant.

Don't you need any food? If necessary, we can organise a truck drivers' strike to paralyze their delivery to the local shops. We can starve you whenever we want. You only have food because we have prepared it for you from our table. During the Great Depression (1929/32) we controlled the food. Behind fences we accumulated mountains of food and left them to rot. The hungry were then made to drudge in our labour camps even though there was more than enough food.
Do you really think you can beat us? You say you will simply hoard gold coins so that when the crash comes you will still be liquid.

We can simply pass a law that punishes the possession of gold, as we have done in the past.
If we found gold in your possession, we would just confiscate it and put you in jail for breaking the law. During your time in prison you would be called to work in our prison operations. These days we have created a picture of labour camps in our prisons that no one seems to want to resist. We will tell people that murderers should pay for their accommodation.

Nobody seems to consider that we have the power to spend tomato growers there.

We can legislate to ban gardens and then give some scientific reasons why you should buy food only from our sources. If anyone sees you planting tomatoes, they will tell us, and then we will have you working in our fields.

Oh, you stupid nationalists, there is no escape for you.

Because long before you were born, we planned your capture.

Your teachers and your priests have shaped your thoughts for us for generations. You have no idea how to escape our influence except by suicide. Go then, commit suicide! It will only help us to cope with the overpopulation. You cannot hurt us, you cannot face us, you cannot even understand what we are capable of. I only throw these few crumbs at your feet so that, if you have a little understanding, you obey and follow our orders.



We run Hollywood.
Movies like Terminator and Armageddon have been made with many others just to make sure you follow our guidelines. You have been shaped to have your pleasure in violence so that when we send you off to kill a villain built in front of you, you squeeze without batting an eye. We have placed violence games in your shopping arcades to accustom your young souls to the nature of the battle. We have made you see our police and armed forces as the good guys.

And you submit to things that were unthinkable just a few decades ago.

Our sophisticated programs are all designed to help you submit to the New World Order and support it.
"Star Trek" and other such creations taught you to obey orders of the new international rulers.
Oh, you stupid people, you thought you were being entertained while you were actually being taught or, as I prefer to say, "brainwashed" or "subject to mind control.
By the way, have you seen the new Star Wars? What a masterpiece of psychological manipulation! People confer with indescribable cattle monsters, and they all confer in English.

I wonder where these space monsters learned English. What simplicity of thought of the citizen! He never thinks about being kidnapped to a fairyland. We have placed advertisements for Star Wars almost everywhere you go. You'll find them in supermarkets, on the street, and in many of our other stores. We want you to learn something from this movie. Or maybe it should also mean that there's something we don't want you to learn from.
However, we will get what we intend with the whole thing.

To drop your caution, we have instructed our elected representatives to appear as if they were resisting the evils of our use of force.

President Clinton is now speaking out against violence in Hollywood movies. That will not solve the problem. But it will make people believe that the problem is being worked on. Sex and violence are the best forces to help us achieve our goals. No matter how people resist giving up their sex and violence performances. So we put everything they want in front of their eyes. In this way we keep them so busy that they no longer have the integrity and the mental power to care about the really important things.

They remain completely in our hands. President Clinton has been very useful to us. We knew what a character he was before we built him up as president. Exposing him was helpful in dismantling the moral attitude of youth, which is beneficial to us. Even more beautiful for us were the futile efforts of those who thought they could dismiss him against our will. He is useful to us, and so he will not be deposed by anyone until we are ready.

Excuse me if I seem to make fun of your belief system.

But it's pretty outdated.
Do you not have eyes to see how hollow your freedoms are?
Nothing are your lofty omissions about it before us. You can only do what we say you can do. We remove presidents when we are ready. And the leader we put in his post is there only as long as it does not serve us to have another there. Then we put before you our chosen leader, and you choose what and whom we want. So we leave you with the hollow election exercise and the belief that you have something to do with the installation of your president.



How could there be such a thing as a war crime? The whole nature of war is that laws are suspended. It is entertaining to see nations trying to wage war according to laws we have given them. The only really existing war crime is the crime of being against us. Everyone who is against us violates the law. As you have seen, we do not care about the actions of those who are for us. Wasn't Nelson Mandela a bombing terrorist who killed many of his enemies? We made him a hero.

We don't respect the law when it comes to war. We do what we want, when we want it and where we want it.

We can starve people to death and ruin civilizations and other horrors, for which we then bring our enemies to justice.

There's plenty of bad guys. We can conjure you up wherever it suits us. That's really funny. I'm not really a person with a lot of humor, but I can't help laughing at the absolute absurdity of the terms we present to you and which you readily accept.

Are you surprised that the leaders of the world tremble before us? They know that they have no power other than that which we bestow upon them. We are not afraid of Russia or China, because we already have full control over their system. China knows that we can freeze any number of its branches and all its capital in America at the stroke of a pen. We use the nations as we see fit. Everyone knows that he must submit to us or die. Fortunately, we had some resisters. They were helpful in showing the world leaders what we do with them if they do not submit. Glory only comes in the pursuit of our goals and in acting according to our guidelines. If one refuses, the result will be similarly sad and tragic. Again, if you are not spared, it will have no consequence for us. We will use you to reduce the overpopulation problem.

There's plenty of bad guys. We can conjure you up wherever it suits us. That's really funny. I'm not really a person with a lot of humor, but I can't help laughing at the absolute absurdity of the terms we present to you and which you readily accept.

Are you surprised that the leaders of the world tremble before us? They know that they have no power other than that which we bestow upon them. We are not afraid of Russia or China, because we already have full control over their system. China knows that we can freeze any number of its branches and all its capital in America at the stroke of a pen. We use the nations as we see fit. Everyone knows that he must submit to us or die. Fortunately, we had some resisters. They were helpful in showing the world leaders what we do with them if they do not submit. Glory only comes in the pursuit of our goals and in acting according to our guidelines. If one refuses, the result will be similarly sad and tragic. Again, if you are not spared, it will have no consequence for us. We will use you to reduce the overpopulation problem.



Some of you thought you could stop us by putting a bomb in one of our abortion clinics or in a government building. Stupid souls! How can that hurt us? All it does is give us a reason to control the population even more and impose even heavier burdens on them. We like it when you rebel and blow something up. You give us reason to legislate more against everything that has contributed to your independence from us. If one of you did not blow something up every now and then, we would have no justification for restricting you any more. Can you not see how impossible it is for you to resist? The more you stir, the more we squeeze.


Our kingdom is the kingdom of money.

Excuse me, but I must confess that we are the rulers of the kingdom of non-money. You should recognize the humor of this statement. We have given you some pieces of paper or some numbers on the screen of your PC which we have called 'money'. It is not covered or proven by anything but what we say it is. We make it out of nothing. We print it. We lend it. We give it its value. We take away its value. Everything that has to do with money is in our hands. Remember what you can do against us without money. If you try to resist, we can block your credit and freeze your accounts. Your cash is easy to collect. We have made so many rules in the field of life that you cannot live without money.

If you pitch your tent on government land, you must move on within two weeks. You can't harvest much in two weeks. Many paths in the nature parks can only be entered with permission. We have enacted laws that do not allow you to stand on a site in caravans for a period of time without continuing. Have you never found it ridiculous that we allow you to live permanently in a box, but not in a motorhome, unless it is on a taxable campsite? We want you to stay nice in the system.

When you buy a house, we not only get the tax revenue to pursue our purposes, but also earn increasing interest from the bonds. You can pay two or three times for your house alone with the interest. The interest is also taxed, which again goes into areas of influence that we determine. We do not want you to escape freely. That is why it is as it is. You are ours. We do not allow to buy or sell outside our authorized terms. If you go against us in court, we will undress you there, and in the end you are the losers. If you resort to violence, we will put you in one of our labor camps, or more precisely, in our prison industries.

You need our money, our entertainment, our fuel and our facilities to function. And if you don't have them, you feel miserable. Thus you are made to submit to our will.
You don't even know how to think after we have thoroughly emasculated your religion, your faith in God. Now you have only yourself left. But we have got this self to be exclusively after itself.

I hope that this little message will be enough to know what the new millennium means. The 21st century is our century. You can enter if you do as you are told.
We have no intention of giving ourselves away with your so-called human rights and your so-called constitution.
These things have only been used for our purposes for a while. Your Constitution is a joke. We can do what we want with it. You never noticed that your constitution was used 50 years ago to ban abortion. When we decided to legalize abortion, we used the same constitution to justify it.

Your human rights are what we say,
we used the phrase of human rights to keep things moving enough.
The more they are, the better for us until we have everything completely under our thumbs. This little letter may offend you as I speak so openly. But that is truly not of concern to us.

Too bad for you, isn't it? For all of you zombie sheep…