Dear Humans of our common earth

The monetary system of the world is under "The world´s financial System is the slave System für all humans" precisely described. A video shows the effects. Together we must end this unjust and brutal world. First of all we have to recreate the monetary system. Our friends all over the world know this problem just as well.

The task seems difficult, but is quite simple.
But if we really want to end this monetary system, then we should realize completely new ideas. We must abandon the idea that money has its own value. We have to realise that money is only a means of speculation for very few people on the planet. We have to realise that value is something completely different and that money is only a tool for trade, but does not perform. Performance and new innovations always have only human beings.

We need an aid for the actual values, but their own value only facilitates the trade with the values. But if it is so, then everyone can own as much of the "tool" as he wants.

This is the background for "Neo", the new payment system for all human beings.


This text is followed by the "notes" that anyone can print out.

There is no registration and no control.

Don't argue, because there's enough for everyone.

Take as much as you want, because it has no value.

If a bread costs 1000 dollars, who cares about it ?

All Humans can participate.

There is no restriction.

Create values and use "Neo" to simplify your daily "business".

You are the creators of all values.


1 Neo

2 Neo

5 Neo

10 Neo

20 Neo

50 Neo

100 Neo

200 Neo

500 Neo